deadpool classic volume 2

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In the lead-up to Axis, our red-clad hero is stalked by a classic Spider-Slayer! Wait. This isn't a Spider-Man book. So what is a Spider-Slayer doing here? Deadpool had better find out before it mistakes one wisecracking hero for another and mashes DP into spider-paste! Then, when the events of Axis invert him, Deadpool puts down the guns! And the knives. And the grenades. And the... you get the point. Deadpool's gone Zen! So how is he going to help his "FauX-Men" friends live through an attack by the real, also-inverted Х-Men?! Who knows? It might even involve cowboys. Plus: The Roxxon Corporation brings us a special educational story! Learn about gracking, the energy source of the future!

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