deadpool the complete collection volume 1

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Fan-favorite writer Daniel Way brings the crazy with his character-defining run on the Crimson Comedian, the Regeneratin' Degenerate, the Asinine Assassin...Deadpool! Mutant leader Cyclops establishes an island haven for mutants, and Wade Wilson joins the revolution. Deadpool pursues his true calling as a hero by enlisting in the X-Men, and he won't let anyone stand in his way - not even the X-Men! Sporting a rockin' new costume with some sweet pouches, he dives into a spicy melange of assassination attempts, foxy mutant babes in skin-tight leather, Norman Osborn's weird wavy hair, Wolverine's scowl and one seriously misplaced chicken. And when he travels to New York City and Las Vegas - two modern-day dens of sin - can Deadpool keep his streak of do-goodery alive, or will he be overcome by temptation? Well, if Wade wants to be a super hero in New York, he'd better act the part. And that could mean only one thing: It's a team-up with the Amazing, the Grouchy, the Reluctant Spider-Man! Then, it's a Vegas vacation done Deadpool-style - full of explosions, D-list super villains and a casino caper that would make George Clooney proud! Finally, his heroic deeds pay off as Deadpool makes it to the big leagues, fighting alongside Secret Avengers Black Widow, Moon Knight and his childhood hero, Steve Rogers! But when he learns these heroes aren't what they seem - and that his evil ex-therapist, Dr. Bong, is involved - his dream of being an Avenger goes sour like a week-old taco. But it's okay, because Deadpool is totally gonna fix this. Just like he always does. With guns.

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